1993 – 2003

“Time to find a new sea to swim in…”

Stagnation; the flotsam and jetsam of the uninspired creative juices, threatening to drag you under the water. Time to find a new sea to swim in, to get back what is was that made you want to play music in the first place; to get back to dry land. The famine had given way to the feast, so now there were 4 differing projects to keep me well fed. I was still doing the funky stuff, but now there was the punky and the country stuff. Yep, you read it right; country music was the way to go.

One night it would be a Funkadelica groove, the next would be a hoedown, and after that I’d be working for the Clampdown. I’ve already mentioned the pop stuff. Not enough hours in the day, and just as your waiting for an album to make, 3 come along in quick succession. Playing gigs to people who WANTED to LISTEN to you, a rare treat and one that was gratefully received.

Adventures in Sunder-land, and broken down on Highway A14 revisited. Waiting for my (AA) man whilst pissing your name into the snow to pass the time. Camaraderie fuelled by a good gig and a good beer. First job, see what the pumps are selling, who’s turn is it to drive? Shit it’s mine and they’ve got Boddies on tap.

Going back to playing your first love and being able to play it better than ever and sometimes quicker than ever! Complete Control complete with guitar hero and segueing All Along The Watchtower with Papa Was A Rolling Stone. Being part of a rhythm section that flowed like a hot oil slick. Going off at any tangent you felt like and then locking back into the groove.

This was the best of times and at least I’ve got something to show for it. But all good things must come to an end one way or another and after these 10 good years I decided that I had, for one reason or another, done as much as I wanted to do.

The kit went to a good home, and I spent more time in mine.

What I was listening to: