Gaye Black: Strummer Collage

This is the piece that I bought off Gaye and finally received it at Rebellion after a little confusion. She is a very talented artist and this is a unique piece and I am very pleased to own it. I shall now put it on my wall in pride of place.

The Ruin. The first gig supporting The Rhythm at New Mills Town Hall

The Ruin’s first ever gig. We were aged just 15 years old and as you can see by the ticket number there were at least 200 people there. It probably felt like 2000! We steadied our nerves with a couple of cans of lager but it probably made us more shambolic than we actually were. The other handwritten ticket was from an earlier gig which I don’t think we were involved in. The Rhythm evolved into Blitz and Steve and Me went onto be in several bands until 2003.

Line up;

Tim Irrgang  Vocals

Steve Bainbridge  Guitar

Jon Goddard  Bass

Gareth Ashton  Drums

Thank you to Mackie for the ticket photos.

The Literary Stage. Rebellion 2014



The Literary Stage. Rebellion 2014


This is the stage set up for my Q and A interview about the book at Rebellion Festival 2014 at the Winter Gardens Blackpool. The two Roly Birkin chairs were quite apt considering one of the bands in it is called CAIRO!! Richie was the interviewer and made me feel very calm, probably due to how nervous he was! He was great and he didn’t really have much to do because once I started talking I didn’t stop. People didn’t walk out and there was laughter in the right places. The thing that made it even better was spotting Jock and Carole in the audience, and I thank them for that. Jona Lewie was on after me and then I came back soon after to catch Jello Biafra and his take on Desert Island Discs. A very intelligent, intense guy with an encyclopaedic knowledge of all genres of music. I sat with him in the dressing room after his stint and was putting his vinyl back in their sleeves, obsessing over which plastic cover went with which record. He was treating them like the crown jewels and it was quite touching to see. I spoke to him on a couple of things and he was great, so I gave him a book which he flicked through and put into his bag of records. Thanks to Dom for looking after me and to Rat boy who was surprisingly organised despite being dressed in a Rat onesie! All in all a great day and Friday was going to be better.


The Ruin 1979 Chapel School Gym

This photo is taken by Mike Patey-Ford who was my Art Teacher at the time and a very cool teacher. It wasn’t quite Anarchy in the school gym, as everybody (including the angst ridden punk band) had to take off their shoes so as not to ruin the wooden floor.

Alan Longden and Gareth Ashton

Outside Whaley Bridge Youth Club 1982. Nonchalent posing with essential ‘hand in pocket’ look was the order of the day.


Drinking brew for Breakfast.

Outside the Grosvenor Centre enjoying a ‘livener’. Once again unknown girl and hiding behind her with his Harrington pulled up is The Damned’s much abused Roadie/Gopher. In the foreground our coach driver, who must have wondered what the hell was going on!


Edinburgh; Sunday July 20th 1980.Damned/Ruts DC.

Relaxing in a hotel foyer with unknown girl. I think she was called Christine


Steve White

There’s not much more to say about Steve White that hasn’t  already been said, but here goes. Read more >>

Les Etoile!

Promotional photo for Chance It!


Cairo pre gig at Buxton Octagon November 1985 Read more >>