Q. What do call someone who hangs around musicians?

A. A Drummer

Just one of the many derogatory jokes concerning my instrument of choice. I’ve never really been aware of the same ridicule shown to Guitarists or Vocalists, even though they tend to have the biggest egos and strut about like oversexed Peacocks. In footballing terms drummers are the goalkeepers of the band’s team; at the back keeping things tight; individual; sometimes prone to odd rush of blood to the head.

And just like goalkeepers, if they make a mistake it stands out so much more than a miss kick from a defender or a bum note from your bass player. Because whether they like it or not, the rest of the band are follwing you and if you stop or drop a beat, then they are left flailing around trying to get back into the groove. This book is for all the drummers who may have been the butt of the jokes, but we know that secretly everybody would love to be a drummer, but weren’t clever enough to use both their hands AND feet.